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We Are Energy Group

Sports has changed from the sport presented in Olympic Games, from a one-sided sport to a complex one, which makes use of any knowledge and tool. One of the most significant part of this knowledge is sport medicine, which may help athletes and play an important part in physical and mental health of society. Therefore, sport is not just for amusement and leisure time, however, sport is a path to obtain a share from a future with health, the most important human capital.



Managing Director

Team Managers.

Amir Kouhian Afzal

Amir Kouhian Afzal


Shahab Hosseini

Executive Manager

Dr.Amin Kouhian Afzal

Attorney and Legal Officer

Mehrdad Hosseini

Mehrdad Hosseini

International Affairs

Operational strategies of Energy Health Sport Complex

  • Determination of managerial and consultative team
  • Determination of standards for making use of specialist individuals and groups for designing and making spaces
  • Conducting field research in order for identifying needs of regional and trans-regional clients
  • Review and supervision of manner of performance of architecture, electronic, mechanics, installation and infrastructural equipment sections from the viewpoint of the beneficiary
  • Determination of priorities of allocating space, interior design and layout
  • Recruitment and employment of experienced human resources
  • Drawing up on-the-job training programs
  • Drawing up instructions of implementation of processes
  • Selection and scientific layout of equipment and tools
  • Obtainment of Iranian and international legal licenses
  • Drawing up marketing and branding programs and management of relation with clients
  • Relation with national teams, professional athletes, physicians and proficient experts

Energy Health Sport Club, with more than 20 years experience, as the most equipped and experienced specialized group of country, upon utilization of the most modern and advanced sport medicine equipment and tools, in cooperation with specialists, experts and experienced coaches succeeded in provision of new services in the field of body building and fitness, physical fitness, designing scientific systems of exercises, nutrition and in the part of medicine and physiotherapy in line with sport objectives.