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Galleria & Clinic

Isokinetic System
The most specialized devices in the complex with high sensitivity for the review, measurement and analysis of power of joints, which help diagnose treatment method and manner of improvement by presentation of information and practical analysis.


As one of the main objectives of sport science is preservation and promotion of health and prevention of illnesses, physical and mental disorder, treatment and rehabilitation of the aged and the weak, this group, in line with objectives, not only attempted to acquire knowledge and required skills and equipping with modern equipment, but also always attempted to provide sport and medicine services in tandem with each other; thereby designing, equipping and managing sport medicine centers, esp. in recent years is among growth and development objectives of this group.
Within 20 years of making attempts by sport medicine group of energy aimed at precise training of sport movements, physical movements, prevention of probable injuries due to imprecise conducting of exercises and rehabilitation of individuals who suffer from injuries paved the way for promotion of level of making use of benefits of medicine and sport science in tandem with each other in the country.

Tel:+9821 44 69 42 00-2

Address: Mega mall Shopping Center, 2nd Phase, Ekbatan Complex, Sattari

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